We believe that top-quality customer service and satisfaction are vital to the services we provide. Because we believe in a clean environment as well as clean facilities for our clients, we are also proud to offer “green” cleaning services and products as part of our services upon request.

This area of our business extends from our management activities to our willingness to develop and implement custom procedures and cleaning schedules for our customers.

We make it a point to be reachable at all times, and when emergencies occur, we respond quickly and effectively.

We realize that our services and our staff constitute an important part of your very public “face” the appearance and reception it gives to its residents and to everyone else who deals with it. We take this responsibility seriously and make sure our staff does, too. We accomplish this, not only through our staff training programs and quality assurance efforts but also through a very simple, straightforward plan for creating and building good customer relationships. Our plan is as follows:

✓ Provide excellent service

✓ Be reachable at all times

✓ Take timely and effective action to resolve complaints and issues

✓ Solicit regular feedback

✓ Ensure that our quality assurance plan meets your needs and the expectations.

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